Embracing the Quirks

I attended a felting workshop recently to learn a new technique which would expand my repertoire.  I have since explored what I was shown and added my twist. A quirk of mine is to push the boundaries of what I have been shown.

We are all have our quirks, the things that make us different. It has taken me a long time to enjoy my difference.  Be proud of who you are. The world needs us to all be ourselves, quirks and all, it helps keep the balance.  Bowen Therapy also keeps the body we have balanced.

mum's gift.1
mum’s gift (2017)

Importance of Balance

There are so many areas in our lives to have balanced, not just family, work, rest and play or our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual (soul).

Playing with our artisticCarole Kernohan Promotion image.1 side (whether it is in the garden, kitchen, etc) helps to give a balance to ourselves, bringing a calmness as we are giving to ourselves a pleasure and enjoyment. When we are enjoying life we radiate happiness which can affect those around us, flows onto those we interact with.

Bowen Therapy introduced me to the importance of balance. It helps the body to have a natural balance physically, mentally and emotionally.  I find my artistic making gives a different balance to my life. I love having both in my life.


Castlemaine State Festival 2017


Michelle & I are excited to be opening our studios in Taradale as part of the Castlemaine State Festival. Come and say “Hi” and enjoy the opportunity of seeing our studio spaces and some of works of art (some of which will be for sale).win_20170227_17_23_45_pro-2

Creative Worshops

Introducing Textile Workshops in Taradale

Mini Weaving 1-4pm or 6-9pm           Felt – bowl 1-4pm or 6-9pm
      With Michelle                          With Carole

Introductory Fee $50.00 per workshop (Class)
Deposit required to secure your spot. Come to our workshops to explore and make a textile to take home by you under our direction. Materials and equipment supplied. A great view by which to work, looking over the township of Taradale, Victoria.
Other workshops, weaving (fun with yarns and make eg: scarf or length) nature weavings (hanging), Sun dyed silk scarf, discharged silk scarf, needle felt, and felt –bowl, mini weaving. For other workshops and newsletter email us.
Carole ph.0407372426 email carole.alternativelycreated@bigpond.com
Michelle ph.0429340048 email- alternativethoughts@bigpond.com


My first felted head


If not consciously, we do subconsciously know when someone or ourselves are out of balance/alignment. Everyone has the ability to notice and understand what is occurring within a person. It is general knowledge that we can read  facial expressions, although this could be a dying art due to less person to person contact and more electronic interaction.   We can recognise a persons posture/gait especially if it is extreme, but many don’t recognise the subtle differences. Is it by choice? As a Bowen therapist I have learnt to read the body and realise that some people are unaware of what is going on with themselves &/or what they are doing.




I have been reading lately about the difference between “Human-being” and “Human- doing”.  The importance of being in the moments of living life (human-being) compared to just focussing on busy achieving (human-doing). It is also important to have well-being, the balance of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritually self.  I believe a Bowen Treatment can help a person rebalance and improve their well-being.


My son reminded me to stop slouching the other day. Something I had been telling him for years and he has now realised the importance of a good posture. Having a good posture helps prevent physical aches and pains. When bending to pick up something if using a poor posture we are more susceptible to injury. The body (emotionally, physically and mentally) can deal with a lot of knocks during its lifetime, some will impact more than others. If not dealing with the knocks and recognising the impact we tend to do more injury, especially if we haven’t recognised how we are at the time. My son reminded me I was tired and I needed to own how tired I was or it could have been detrimental to me.

sundyed silk scarf

sundyed silk scarf